Speaking Engagements:

Nir Simionovich had delivered memorable conference speeches and participated in panels in many parts of the world. These include North America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Far East, Africa and, of course, Israel – where Nir is Based.
Apart from delivering memorable conference speeches, Mr. Simionovich is also an established author, having written two books about Asterisk. Mr. Simionovich is currently working on his third Asterisk title, which is still due to be released. Mr. Simionovich’s public speakings and publications include:

  • “Dynamically scaling Kamailio/Asterisk based queues” – Kamailio World, Berlin, Apr 2014
  • “CSI: VoIP Analyzing a VoIP Fraud Case” – Astricon, Atlanta GA, Oct 2013
  • “Asterisk Lock Down – Beyond fail2ban” – Astricon, Atlanta GA, Oct 2012
  • “VoIP Fraud Case Studies 2010-2011″ – Astricon, Denver CO, Oct 2011
  • “Fraud Prevention in IP Telephony systems” – Asterisk Israel, Israel, Apr 2010
  • “The Humbug Project” – Astricon, Washington DC, Oct 2010
  • “The Humbug Project – a new approach for fraud analysis” – Amoocon, Germany, June 2010
  • “Beyond the Dialtone – IP Phone Content Management” – Amoocon, Germany, June 2010
  • “HD Voice and Asterisk” – Polycom Resellers Convention, Israel, Dec 2009
  • “Particle Programming with AGI” – Amoocon, Germany, May 2009
  • “Dynamic Asterisk Scalability with Amazon EC2″ – Amoocon, Germany, May 2009
  • “Virtualizing Asterisk” – Digium/Asterisk World (ITExpo East), Miami Florida, Feb 2009
  • “Operator Assisted Dialing – Meeting regulatory requirements in Israel with Asterisk” – AstriCon, Glendale, AZ, Sep 2008

As part of his role as the Asterisk Guru and primary source of information in Israel, Nir has founded the “VoIP On Tap” Meetup group. The group meets once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month, in the GreenfieldTech offices. The meetup group can be found at https://www.meetup.com/voipontap – you are welcome to check out our presentations and video archive (sorry, it’s in Hebrew).

Mr. Simionovich is available for public speaking relating to his areas of expertise. To contact Nir, simply click here and fill the form.

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