• I totally agree with your comment. What you mention about this company charging a lot of money for something they didn’t do, it’s a theft.

    Personally I’ll like to asked you something:
    I’m working for a small company, who has decided after 3 years going to dCap cert and they choose me. Since I’m an employee, do you think this will be a positive or negative approach to get de cert?

    March 12, 2009
    • The dCAP is a wonderful tool to prove your Asterisk abilities. While many people regard certs as a waste of time and money, in the case of the dCAP I disagree. The dCAP test is far from being a “study and get tested” exam, without proper Asterisk experience and know-how: YOU WILL NOT PASS.
      I did my dCAP after working for 4 years with Asterisk, and I found some portions of it confusing and complicated at times. I did end up earning over 95% of the theory exam and 100% on the practical exam, but I have to admit that at times, some of the questions got me completely running around in circles thinking: “WHAT THE …..”.
      If you company is willing to pay for your cert, that is a wonderful thing. It’s a show of confidence, on their side, of your abilities – while showing a keen interest in becoming a valid Asterisk professional and supporter. Think about it, the test costs 300$, it’s not much, however, if 3000 people are certed a year, that 900,000$, going directly to the development of Asterisk and its progress – and in my book, that’s a good thing.

      March 12, 2009

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